Top score board encourages students to learn math facts–fast!

Kelly Guglietta, a resource teacher for grades 3-5 at Fairview Elementary School in Newton County School District in Georgia, shared her Reflex top score bulletin board. Before using Reflex, she struggled with interactive ways to get her students excited about math. Worksheets didn’t work well, and students needed to practice their math facts.

“Since starting Reflex, my students beg to be on your program. My class loves Reflex. I even have students working at home. (I have never saw initative like that before Reflex).”

“My class loves competition. I created a top scores Reflex wall in my classroom. Every time they play a game and get a top score, the old score is erased and replaced with the new one. They love erasing another student’s name and putting theirs in. Each game from Reflex is assigned a number. On Fridays, I roll a die. Whatever number it lands on, the person holding the top score for that game wins a prize. They love it.”

She adds, “Reflex is great. They are loving math, and it saves me so much time trying to create something new every week that is fun and engaging. This program gets my students more confident on their basic skills.”

Ms. Guglietta promised her students a pizza party when the class reached 50,000 facts, and now they have! She’ll be buying them pizza Friday to celebrate their latest milestone.