Students “have improved their STAR Assessment” by up to “two years of growth”

“I have a young man in one of my Remedial Math classes who began Reflex in October when I began the program. He was a bit slow with his facts, struggled greatly in math class, was on a 3rd grade level on his STAR Assessment test and was ready to give up. During the assessment, my students were on Reflex daily. After the initial assessment, this student, when given the opportunity to have PAT (Preferred Activity Time, because of great performance), he would choose Reflex time. He has already gained 100% fact fluency and has graduated from Reflex. He as improved his math grade and his most recent STAR Assessment placed him in the 6th grade level. This is a success story that is amazing and I am so thankful to the Reflex program for the confidence it instilled in this young man. I have watched him flourish and begin to study harder in other academic courses as well. Many have grasped their fluency facts which has allowed them to learn how to perform the required steps for their required math work. They have improved their STAR (Math) Assessment by as little as 4 months to as great as two years of growth. Many of my students have begun to enjoy math now that they have improved their fact fluency. One of my students told me they like math now that they can perform the operations required instead of having to spend all their time trying to do, in her words, ‘simple multiplication.’ ‘It is easier to understand’ is a response I get often form some of my students.”

–6th Grade Teacher, Middle School, Carroll County School District, GA