First “Multiplication Master” in the class receives a trophy

Ms. Meredith Goodnight with the trophy winner

Ms. Meredith Goodnight, a 4th grade teacher in Alachua County School District in Florida, celebrated student math achievement in the classroom by awarding a trophy to her first student to become fluent in multiplication and division 0-12 in Reflex.

“I gave the first student to achieve 100% mastery an engraved ‘Multiplication Master’ trophy, the second an engraved medal, and the third a ribbon. Once my students are 100% fluent, they get their picture posted with their fact pyramid on Class Dojo and their name posted on the wall as a ‘Multiplication Master.'”

Her students love Reflex. “Reflex allows students to focus on problem solving strategies, learning algorithms, and properties instead of stressing over figuring out the answers to basic facts.¬†Reflex is also geared towards each student’s needs. All my students are making improvement.”

She likes using the reports in Reflex. “It’s so easy to manage and track my students’ progress which makes providing consistent extra support and parent and student feedback doable. I use the reports to monitor their data and have data chats frequently to discuss their progress. I send home reports to parents of students that are struggling.”

Ms. Goodnight’s class is currently 91% fluent with their multiplication and division facts 0-12, and she’s very pleased with everyone’s progress. “One of my students who scored a level 2 on the Florida Standardized Assessment test is now 84% fluent. She loves Reflex and is really improving in math overall now that she has freed up memory to devote to problem solving. I can’t wait to see her end-of-the-year standardized math test score.”

Her goal is to get all her students 100% fluent in multiplication and division by the end of the year. She adds, “When everyone reaches 100%, I’m throwing a brownie sundae party. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll make it.”