Student “has gained a love for math and looks forward to it each day”

“My students have made strides in recognizing their facts quickly and it shows in math class when they are working on more complex problems. They are always very proud when they unlock a new game or earn their Green Light. I am noticing a huge change in their fact fluency through daily assessment prior to our math lesson for the day. Students have a math rotation in which they participate on Reflex and they also work on it two days a week during WIN (what I need) time. I do a fluency activity before every math lesson with flashcards and I can quickly see which students are responding at the snap of a finger. One of my students has never liked math. He is a very good student, but when math time came along, he shut down and his motivation was gone. However, now that he is on Reflex he has gained a love for math and looks forward to it each day. He is always asking ‘when is math’ and saying ‘I can’t wait for math.’ I am so thankful for Reflex in helping me bring the ‘fun’ back into math for my students. When we started adding and subtracting numbers in the hundreds, knowing their basic facts kept them on task. Students are gaining a positive interaction with math, having fun, and are being challenged all at the same time.”

–2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Oldham County School District, KY