Reluctant math student loves Reflex and “is building his fact fluency”

“I have a very reluctant student who has multiple behavior challenges. He does not like to participate in math activities or lessons. But he does love Reflex and he is building his fact fluency by using the program on the iPad. Students are engaged in challenging and varied games and receive immediate feedback to either affirm their thinking or correct it. Being able to quickly and easily recall math facts is similar to being able to quickly recognize and read sight words. With their mental power freed from computation, they are able to apply more effort to challenging math problems. The majority of my students are making great strides with Reflex. I give monthly assessments where students take a 40 question assessment of basic facts. I record their accuracy and fluency/speed and compare these against each other. Since September, 8 have achieved fluency by district standards and 23 have shown improvement in accuracy and/or time.”

–2nd/3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Johnston Community School District, IA