Reflex “has helped to create a true growth mindset”

“My students are now motivated to practice their fact fluency. It is becoming easier for them to work application problems since they do not have to struggle with fluency, especially with my students who are working on their multiplication and division facts. Students in my math intervention class use Reflex every day as part of their math rotations. They know that their daily goal is to “reach their Green Light Goal”, and they are excited when they do. Reflex helps students to become self-motivated and take responsibility for their learning, which is a huge success for students who have struggled with math. Several of my students began this school year with negative feelings towards either math or their ability to be successful in math. After this first semester of using Reflex, I have observed a noticeable difference in their attitude towards math. The program has helped to create a true growth mindset, which is one of our goals for our intervention students.”

–RTI Intervention Specialist, Elementary School, Rutherford County School District, TN