Kids say “‘Yes!’ when they know it’s their Reflex day”

“My students are highly motivated to practice their facts, often saying “Yes!” when they know it’s their Reflex day. It is so easy to get kids on because they love to play! I also love how it takes a little of the work away from me. With the kids being so independent within the program, I can work with small groups who need practice with other mathematical concepts. Before I was doing the old flashcards and meeting individually with kids on their facts. I couldn’t make it around fast enough and was loosing student interest. With Reflex, every student is checked on a daily basis and I get an updated report so I can follow up as needed. They have made great gains! I think using this program is really holding them accountable for their speed and automaticity. Students need fact fluency to be successful in math.”

–3rd Grade Math Teacher, Elementary School, Portland Public School District, ME