“Every student should have access to Reflex”

“Every student should have access to Reflex. I have seen tremendous growth not only with each student’s Reflex speed and fluency. They’ve been very competitive and want their pyramids projected on the Smart Board to share with others. I also monitor fluency development using our school RTI assessment tool, and AIMSweb Plus.

I have an 8th grade student who was causing class disruptions daily until he started using Reflex. He became happily competitive and worked daily to be ahead of every other student. He monitored his own usage and scores daily and would announce them to me at the end of class, in the hallway to other teachers, and to other students. He really enjoyed using Reflex and found a sense of pride in his accomplishments on the program. He finally felt like he was ‘good’ at math. He was the first student this year to achieve mastery in both areas and still smiles about his success.”

–8th Grade Math Teacher, Middle School, Chester County School District, TN