Educator Spotlight: Jade Stickel

Ms. Jade Stickel began to use Reflex with her 3rd grade students in the fall through the Reflex Grant Program. “My students are loving Reflex! Students are excited to fire up the app each day. All students have made progress using this program.”

“I like that the games continue to change for students as they learn more and more math facts, and the extensive data I am able to obtain through the website.” She also finds Reflex simple to use and very motivating. “Students are far more motivated using this app than I’ve ever seen them when using other fact fluency programs. A few of my lowest performing math students struggled with motivation when we first started using Reflex, but now those students are the most excited when they see ‘Reflex’ written on our daily agenda. When I asked one student specifically why his feelings had been so negative at the beginning, and have changed to being so positive now, he told me, ‘Well, I had to grow a lot and learn more facts, and now I can do more and open the most fun games.'”

Ms. Stickel uses the reporting features in Reflex regularly and keeps a close eye on each of her student’s progress. “The basic fluency percentages help me the most, since they include the amount of time and the sessions each student has completed each week, and their overall fluency rate. Another report that helps me know specific data for each student is the fact family chart.” On Reflex, “students are able to track their own growth, and can view reports that show which facts they know fluently, and which ones they are still working on. In our school, we focus a lot on individual student goals, and set goals in each academic area with our students, so Reflex fits right in with our focus on using data to show growth and track progress toward mastery.”

“As a teacher, I love seeing my students motivated to work hard and learn at high levels. I have high expectations for them as learners. Several of my students have improved their addition and subtraction fluency to a point where I felt comfortable moving them on to multiplication and division facts, since our state standard for 3rd grade focuses on fluency in multiplication and division facts. Reflex (with addition and subtraction) has given them a strong base on which to build as they work on fluency with multiplication and division.”

She adds, “This year, my students have made more growth in math on their NWEA MAP tests (from Fall 2017 to Winter 2017) than any other 3rd grade class at our school. Their growth is much higher than the expected rate for NWEA test takers. I attribute part of that growth to their growing rate of fluency with addition and subtraction facts.”

Ms. Jade Stickel earned her B.S. in Elementary Education at Indiana University in Bloomington. She has taught in Goshen Community Schools in Indiana for 15 years. She currently teaches 3rd Grade at West Goshen Elementary School.