“We are TOAD-ally mastering our math facts!”

Ms. Regina Bozeman, a 3rd grade teacher at Southport Elementary School in Washington Unified School District in California, is celebrating her students’ success with Reflex using a fun bulletin board.

She identified math fact fluency as a problem for her students before she started using Reflex. If they knew their math facts, she knew that her students would “excel in other areas of math that they currently struggle with, like number sense and computation. The stronger a student’s foundation becomes in fact fluency, their ability to tackle more complex problems will increase.”

Ms. Bozeman’s students have been making significant progress with Reflex. “We celebrate each other’s successes in Reflex by printing out and distributing the certificates and cheering each other on. My students do timed tests every morning, and they continue to become more and more successful each day, which I attribute to their time spent on Reflex.”

On her bulletin board, “We are TOAD-ally mastering our math facts,” each of her students “has a frog with their name on it, and they move along lily pads that are marked 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100% fluent.” Her students love using Reflex, and they “love to see their frogs moving along!”

She adds, “I can see that Reflex is helping my students to be more successful by learning their facts.”