Struggling student “no longer hates math”

“I am shocked at the quick progress and excitement to play Reflex. My math classes have been much more productive due to my students’ fluency. We are able to focus on the skills being taught rather than focusing so much on their facts to solve the problems. My students feel more confident in math and it shows in their math scores. I have a student who came in at 12% fluency in addition and subtraction. He hated math and felt very defeated. He has progressed to 72% fluency in just 3 months and loves playing Reflex. He is feeling much more confident in math. He is participating more and has built his self-confidence. I can say he no longer hates math. I am able to focus more on the concepts of math because my students have better math fluency. My students are no longer afraid of word problems because we can focus on what the problem is asking verses how to solve the math. In my 16 years of teaching, I feel I will be sending my most prepared class to 4th grade.”

–3rd Grade Teacher, Catholic School, Providence, RI