“Reflex makes it possible for all students to understand Common Core math”

“I am flabbergasted at the progress my students have made in the past three months. I taught third grade for 19 years and was very familiar with the struggles students have when mastering multiplication. Now that I teach fifth grade, I thought my students would come to me with their facts memorized (especially since our school implemented multiplication intervention in grades 3-5, and my students were part of those intervention groups). Nope. My students in fifth grade still didn’t know their facts. I started the year doing Mad Minutes with my students, and only had five students who showed me they were fluent. With Reflex, fourteen of my students are fluent, with nine closing in with 80%-90% fluency. Amazing! I have a student who has previously been retained. She continues to struggle in all academic areas. She became fluent with the help of the Reflex program. It’s one of the few successes I’ve seen her accomplish. The problem I see with Common Core math is that they assume that students have fact fluency. It makes learning math so much harder because fact fluency is not learned. Reflex makes it possible for all students to understand Common Core math.”

–5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Rialto Unified School District, CA