Reflex helps “make students more successful in math”

“My students have made lots of progress with Reflex. The facts are so much easier for them, which helps tremendously when it comes to the harder, more complex skills that they are learning in the classroom. I have seen so much growth and stamina with fluency facts and students being able to apply them to the more complex skills. One of my students came into the year scoring 6 correct multiplication and division problems on the first timed test of the year. She is know completely fluent on all of her facts 1-10 and is working on 11’s and 12’s. Her growth is amazing! Reflex teaches the facts in fact families which shows the relationship between the multiplication and division facts. This helps them make connections and builds on their ‘number sense’ which seems to be lacking in a lot of students. It also makes students more successful in math because they are not spending several minutes trying to figure out the simple facts, so they can get through the harder problems in a more timely and more accurate manner.”

–Title I Teacher, Elementary School, Southeast Polk Community School District, IA