Parents see “a newfound confidence in their child and love of math”

“I have noticed a definite increase in my students’ math facts fluency, as well as a decrease in errors related to math facts on student assessments. Students also seem much more confident about participating in class and solving math problems because they can focus on the whole problem, rather than getting stuck on a particular math fact that is part of the problem. We have a paper-and-pencil math program that students start in 1st grade where they have to solve a certain number of facts in a minute. I have a number of students who have never found much success with this program and are often upset/discouraged when it is time to work on it each day. These same students, however, love when we do Reflex, and it was great hearing from their parents at conferences that they are seeing a newfound confidence in their child and love of math that had not been there previously. I think that Reflex can help give my students confidence and math and help them enjoy math; if they are fluent in their math facts and those facts come easily to them, then they are able to solve more difficult problems with ease as well. The confidence that they build in math class through Reflex can then continue to build throughout other areas in their lives as well.”

–4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, North Allegheny School District, PA