“Going green” with math facts

Ms. Sharon Siebeneck is a 3rd grade math teacher at Continental Local Elementary School in Ohio. Her school has a “Green Light Wall” to celebrate their students’ math achievement in 3rd and 5th grade on Reflex. “The students put a sticker on their circle for every 1000 facts they solve. When they master 100% of addition and subtraction, they get a dark green circle so they know they have moved to multiplication and division.”

One of her students says, “Reflex is really helping me. I used to have to count on my fingers and now I just seem to know them!”

Ms. Siebeneck adds, “The students are so excited to put a sticker up for every thousand facts they complete!¬†They are more confident in answering questions aloud. They are also quicker at multi-step word problems because the facts are easier for them.”