Getting festive with Reflex!

Ms. Callie Jones teaches 4th grade at Mahaffey Elementary School in Klein ISD, Texas. This year, she’s celebrating the season — and success with math fact fluency using Reflex.

Ms. Jones keeps track of her students’ fluency using the fact pyramids from the Reflex reports. “Whenever the students reach 100%, they receive a tree to place on the board. The tree is the fully green colored fact pyramid with the student’s picture attached. Reflex is one of the most fun ways to get kids mastering their facts in my class.”

She also keeps track of high scores on a white board in her classroom. “The students in my class have time to get on Reflex daily to master their ‘high scores’ and have a chance to have their name on the high score white board. If a student’s score is still on the board on Friday, they receive a small prize. The high scores are erased each Monday for a new chance to have a high score.”

Ms. Jones adds, “Fourth grade is the year of multiplication and division, so Reflex has definitely helped our students achieve their regrouping with multiplication and long division way quicker!”