Educator Spotlight: Cheryl Kramer

Cheryl Kramer is a middle school teacher in Clark County School District, Nevada and has used Reflex for several years with her students. “In the past, I used drill and kill worksheets. This is so much more fun!”

She first heard about Reflex when she was an elementary Instructional Coach. “A special education teacher had a grant for it and swore it was amazing. When I moved back into the classroom, this time at the middle school level, and I saw my students struggle with division and ratios due to not knowing their math facts, I also applied for the grant.”

Ms. Kramer has used Reflex in different ways over the years. “Two years ago, I only did it with a small number of students in my fundamentals and RTI class. It was a center. Last year, I made it homework to get the Green Light four days a week. This year, it has become part of class time. I am lucky enough to have an iPad cart in my classroom that students use.”

“The entire 6th grade team has been using Reflex and we have hundreds of students who have shown mastery of multiplication and division. When they show fluency there, we move them to addition and subtraction. Many students are 100% fluent in both! Reflex is fun and engaging. Math fact fluency is important yet traditional methods of flash cards don’t seem to work with modern students. Reflex helps my students learn something that I had to learn a boring way.”

Her students really like using Reflex. “They enjoy the games, and they are motivated by the transparency. They like seeing progress by watching their pyramid fill in. I think it gives them a sense of pride and competition to move out of multiplication and division to addition and subtraction. They work toward the 100% fluent certificate and beam with pride when the earn it. They love unlocking new games and buying items for their avatar. It has also helped my students learn the long division algorithm faster and they are having more success than previous years in our ratios unit.”

She adds, “I am grateful to use Reflex and I love it! Since we have implemented daily Reflex time during class, we can see students’ fluency positively affecting their understanding across other areas of math. I recommend it to all upper elementary math teachers and to those teaching in under performing schools to help close the achievement gap.”

Cheryl Kramer (right) and her 6th grade team

Cheryl Kramer went to Brandeis University and attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas for an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Arizona State University for an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. She has taught for eleven years, and currently teaches 6th grade math at Ed Von Tobel Junior High School in Clark County School District, Nevada.