Celebrating math success and high scores in Reflex

Ms. Carrie Bickford at Greenwood Forest Elementary in Klein ISD, Texas, has decorated her classroom with multiple Reflex boards to celebrate her students’ growing math fact fluency.

“Reflex has helped my students master basic facts. Their increase in confidence helps them continue to master harder 4th grade skills such as double digit multiplication and long division. It will also increase success when we work with area and perimeter.”

In her classroom, she keeps track of number of facts solved, fluency percentages, who has received the Green Light and the highest scores received in each of the games.

“Beyond required math content is the increased success in peer relationships and self-motivation. More kids have already reached 100% fluency than ever before. They are eager to see their number of facts solved increase. They also relish the day they can erase a classmates name and score while replacing it with their own (all in the name of friendly competition of course).”

A student adds, “I like Ninja to the Stars because I like how it moves up every time I get a fact right. I also like Swamp Chomper because I like catching the bugs and getting points. I haven’t even notice how fast I’ve gotten at my facts, but I must be because the games are easier.”