ExploreLearning Acquires IS3D, LLC, Provider of Cogent Education Resources

ExploreLearning has acquired Athens, Georgia–based startup, IS3D, LLC, developers of Cogent Education™ Interactive Cases™—dynamic online experiences that put students in the role of a STEM professional tasked with solving a real-world problem.

Cogent’s award-winning Interactive Cases provide engaging and immersive contexts for learning difficult scientific concepts through authentic inquiry and problem solving. As students work through a case, embedded formative assessments give teachers real-time data that help them personalize and differentiate instruction. Research has proven Cogent’s approach effective in improving both content knowledge and critical thinking skills for students of all ability levels.

With initial availability by 2019, ExploreLearning plans to integrate Cogent Education resources into Gizmos, an award-winning online simulation library for grades 3–12 math and science. ExploreLearning also expects to retain the full Cogent development team, including the company’s co-founder and CEO, Tom Robertson, Ph.D., a former Associate Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia.

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