They’re a “star” when they get the Green Light!

Ms. Tami Murphy is a 2nd grade teacher at McBride Elementary in Springfield School District R12 in Missouri. Her students use Reflex, and she loves it. “Reflex is fun and motivating. Knowing their facts gives students confidence as they approach harder math problems. I have struggling math students that ‘like math’ now because of their success in Reflex.”

She has a limited number of iPads, so she uses “flexible scheduling” to get everything done in her classroom. Since they are never working on the same thing at the same time, she has to be creative to make sure that her students get adequate math fact fluency practice and get the Green Light on Reflex every day.” She made a chart and gave each of her students “a green card that has their name on one side and a star on the back. When they get the Green Light, they show it to a friend ‘who isn’t really busy’ and the friend flips over their ‘star’ for them.” Ms. Murphy says, “My students are all making great gains in fluency. And on the days we all get our Green Light, we celebrate.”

She adds, Reflex has “been the most effective and engaging thing I’ve used to build fluency in my 17 year career.”