Students no longer need to use manipulatives to solve problems

“I have a student with a Specific Learning Disability in math. She has been using Reflex for the past three months and I have seen huge gains! Just this week we were working on double digit subtraction with regrouping, and as she was subtracting in her ones place she said, ‘Oh easy! I know this from Reflex!’ Three months ago she would have had to use some sort of manipulative to solve a simple subtraction problem. Even counting using her fingers is difficult of her, so watching her solve 10-2 in seconds was amazing! I have tried over the years to come up with ways to get my students to practice their facts and keep them engaged at the same time. It’s not an easy task. Reflex has solved that problem for me. It tailors their program to what they need. It’s consistent and provides them with the engaging practice that they need!”

–2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, District 23 Bath, NH