Struggling student “has jumped up to the middle of the class”

“My students have made a tremendous amount of progress with Reflex. One of my students did not like math. This feeling came from his low fluency and that affected his self-confidence. It was a struggle at first to get him to get on Reflex. With guidance and the recognition of other student successes, things started to turn around. For sure one would think he would have been last to reach 100% fluency, but nope. He has jumped up to the middle of the class. I see Reflex as a tool to help my students be more successful in math by increasing their fluency. They enjoy the games and time on the site. They get the practice in and gain confidence. This is reflected in their calculations in more complex problems that are a part of our lessons.”

–4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Howell Township School District, NJ