“Reflex is 1000 times better than any other method”

“My students are excited every day to get on Reflex and love to tell me when they Green Light. Their confidence is building, which is helping them do better in math class as a whole. They are not scared to raise their hands anymore. Every one of my students is improving on their timed multiplication quizzes. It is amazing! Reflex is 1000 times better than flash cards, quizlet, or any other method. All of my students have grown in their math fact fluency. A student in my class performs very far below in 5th grade math. She started Reflex with a beginning fluency of 20% and reached 100% on 0-12 multiplication/division facts! She is now consistently making 100s or 98s on her 2 1/2 minutes quizzes. Her confidence is growing and she is answering more questions in math now. She still has other gaps in math, but her fluency is no longer a hinderance to her learning. I am so thankful for that! When they can do the math, it is easier to learn the standards we are working on. I am a firm believer in Reflex. I have seen it work and help kids over and over again.”

–Math Teacher, Elementary School, Harnett County School District, NC