A Race to the Castle with Reflex

Ms. Whitney Turner teaches 3rd grade in Klein Independent School District in Texas. She really loves Disney World, so she created a fun Disney-themed bulletin board to help celebrate her students’ success with Reflex. “The race to the castle is a visual representation of their journey to fluency with the mouse ears being the goal.”

Ms. Turner uses the board “as part of my efforts to use visible learning to direct my students to own where they are, how they are doing and where they are going. I use Reflex fluency to create a data wall where they race to the castle and earn their mouse ears. They get black ones for addition and subtraction, and gold glitter ones for multiplication and division. I take a photo of the wall each week and am making a gif to track positive progress. In addition, we track and graph their fluency on a bar graph in their binders so their parents can track their progress.”

She uses Reflex as a station in her classroom, as well as assigning it as homework. “I ask them to use Reflex for 15 minutes a night or until they get the Green Light.” She adds, “The program seems to benefit all students, whether they struggle or not in math. I have been pleased with my results.”