Encouraging Reflex use in your classroom

As you begin a new school year, you might be wondering how to best get your students motivated and excited to learn. Reflex on its own is a great tool for that, but how can you get students interested in Reflex in the first place?

Why not turn to your fellow educators, who’ve shared some great ideas over the years?

Bulletin Boards
Classroom displays and bulletin boards don’t just make the room a cheery place to learn, they also serve a purpose. Author/Educator Michael Gravois says the best bulletin boards:

  • Are interactive and make the classroom “come alive” with the curriculum material being studied.
  • Give students a sense of ownership of the classroom by surrounding them with examples of their work.
  • Are mostly created by students.

Reflex bulletin boards are a great way to track progress and encourage success. Pick a theme that will resonate with your students and run with it! Set goals for individual students or the whole class, track those goals on a bulletin board, and throw theme-based celebrations when those goals are achieved. Themes can be straight-up fun, like soccer, baseball, hot-air balloons or frogs; Reflex-inspired, like Ninja to the Stars or Crabby; or can even reinforce educational concepts, like line plots or temperature.

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Who doesn’t love to win? Competitions can be held between students, classes, schools—even districts. Whether it’s just for bragging rights, or for prizes and recognition, competition is a great motivator and can really instill a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among your students. And, you can track your students’ progress on a bulletin board! Competitions can be for total facts mastered, green light usage, or fluency percentages.

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Other motivators

Cookies, bracelets, special events, and more can act as incentives for students to embrace and enjoy Reflex. Get motivated.

Whatever you do to help your students develop their math fact fluency this year, be sure to have realistic goals, give them encouragement, and most of all, have fun!