Once students learned math facts, “their image of themselves as mathematicians improved”

“We are thrilled with the program because the students who practice every day really see their progress. One student who was reluctant to practice his math facts just took off when we introduced Reflex. We had done flash cards, daily timed tests, arrays, and lessons, but he loves the games on Reflex. When he saw that that he was 100% fluent on his computer screen, he yelled out to the whole class, ‘I’m 100% fluent in multiplication and division!’ – Yay!

Knowing their math facts gives students the building blocks on which to more easily see the connections between concepts. When we introduced area this year, students who already knew multiplication immediately saw the connection between length x width = A. When students know their facts, it frees up their working memory so they can focus on learning more difficult concepts. When I taught upper elementary grades, students would tell me, ‘I’m just not good in math.’ Many times it would just be that they never learned their basic facts and once they did their image of themselves as mathematicians improved.”

–2nd Grade Teacher, Private School, FL