Area farmers help foster growth in science with Gizmos

Presenting ceremonial check to Oakwood (photo courtesy of The News-Gazette

The News-Gazette reports that the Oakwood School District in Illinois “will be able to enhance its science curriculum this year, thanks to a $25,000 grant from Monsanto — as well as area farmers.”

Oakwood is using the grant to purchase Chromebooks, Gizmos, science kits and other materials for maker spaces in the library. “It’s just crazy how absorbed the students are in what they’re doing,” says Michelle Kimbro, Oakwood’s curriculum coordinator. “Everyone is engaged. Nobody is off task. They see like they’re playing, but they’re doing so much more than that. They’re working creatively and working together. All of the teachers want more time in there.”

“Now, instead of just focusing on the middle grade levels, we’re able to enhance science at all buildings,” adds Kimbro.

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