“My students have made tremendous growth by using Reflex”

“My students have made tremendous growth by using Reflex. My students have also been progressing in the other math areas according to the STAR math assessment. I have one student who was the lowest in the class on all math assessments. She began at only 3% fluent in addition and subtraction. She is now at 81% fluent. Several of my students scored on kindergarten or 1st grade level math at the beginning of the year on the STAR math test. Now all of my students scored at least 2nd grade level, but most are considered 3rd grade level in math with a few 4th grade level. Students are able to actually memorize the facts instead of using the fingers or drawing pictures. This allows the students to focus on the procedures of larger math problems instead of the individual facts.”

–2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Caldwell County School District, NC