A student in Special Education “never enjoyed math before, but loves math now”

“My students have become more fluent with their math facts, have enjoyed math computation, math in general and have been applying those facts in other areas in math (math journals, centers, guided math, etc.) with confidence. Several of my student in Special Education, who previously had to use their fingers to complete any sort of math computation problems, are now able to complete them mentally. Their self-esteem has risen and they are so proud of themselves! It allows them to be more confident in math because it gives them something fun to look forward to: the store where they can buy things for their avatar. One student in Special Education, never enjoyed math before, but loves math now. He looks forward to getting on Reflex, getting to the Green Light and seeing his progress improve. I can see a huge improvement in guided math as well with his math fluency as well as his attitude towards math.”

–3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Rochester City School District, NY