Reflex helped students “experience success, and therefore more confidence in their abilities”

“Many of my students made great gains with their math facts during the three months we used Reflex. Students, who had previously been quite frustrated, experienced success, and therefore more confidence in their abilities. One of our students with historically low home support has struggled all year to retain his math facts, scoring consistently below 30% on our school’s fluency assessments. After using Reflex for a couple of months, his scores jumped to the 60-70% range. His excitement about the games in Reflex caught the attention of his father, who now works with his son consistently on not only math facts, but the math concepts I have taught in class. The father even came by after school one day so that I could help him work with his son on a particular concept. The balance of ‘gaming’ with steady, consistent, meaningful practice motivates students, and doesn’t feel like a time-filler for teachers.”

–5th Grade Teacher, Intermediate School, Mason City Community School District, IA