With math fact fluency, student “made considerable improvement on her test scores”

“I see Reflex as great tool to help students who are below grade level in their math fluency. As students progress into upper elementary and middle school, it is simply assumed that students possess a core fluency of basic math facts. A hindrance or delay, even if it is a minor one, can significantly impact a student’s success in math. Fluency is foundational to math success, especially considering most math problems require to full knowledge and application of multiple basic math facts. Without this foundation, most students become easily frustrated and discouraged about math. A student in my after school intervention class improved in her basic multiplication and division fluency. I noticed that she drastically improved in completing her assignments and made considerable improvement on her test scores. Her success was no longer hindered by her lack of basic math fluency.”

–6th Grade Teacher, Middle School, Santa Paula Unified School District, CA