“This is easy, we do this on Reflex all the time.”

“I have one student who in the beginning of the year her ESE goal was to recognize her numbers from 1-100. She has mastered 42% of her multiplication facts due to Reflex. I have noticed that since my students are working on their math fact fluency that they are making fewer mistakes and their confidence in math has sky rocketed. I often hear them say, “this is easy, we do this on Reflex all the time.” I really started to notice the difference as the testing got closer, the proficiency of the multiplication math facts was creating a positive environment where the problem solving was being achieved at a higher level. The boost of confidence really helped in all areas of math problem solving for my students. My students’ STAR tests scores rose 22 percent after using the program. My FSA math scores were 75% proficient with 4 students at the highest level with a 5.”

–3rd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Lee County School District, FL