Beaufort County teachers prepare for the solar eclipse with Gizmos

WTOC-11 and WSAV-3 reported on ExploreLearning’s special training session for Beaufort County School District teachers to ready for the solar eclipse with Gizmos. The teachers plan to use Gizmos to get students excited about STEM careers.

“This one phenomenon that we’re all going to be observing, it incorporates physics, it involves a lot of math, it’s earth science, it’s how the universe works,” says Edie Philips, a science teacher at Hilton Head High School.

“By having these online simulations, the teacher can say ‘let me show you what happened.’ They can run through it multiple times, change the variables to see different settings, and the students can have a better understanding of what happened during the eclipse,” says Thom O’Brien, National Content Specialist at ExploreLearning.

To find out how to use Gizmos to prepare students for the eclipse, check out our webinar.