Using Gizmos to enhance inquiry and problem-solving skills

Photo credit: Rye Neck Union Free School District

The Larchment Patch reports that Middle School Students in Rye Neck Union Free School District, New York, are using Gizmos to learn about levers and simple machines. According to a district spokesman, using Gizmos “further enhanced the students’ inquiry, problem-solving skills and understanding of the concepts and provided them with an opportunity to take learning into their own hands and explore the aspects of conducting a science experiment.”

“They made observations and conducted their own experiments,” Lauren Zeoli, a seventh-grade science teacher said. “They tested how the placement and setup of the lever affects how easy simple machines make it work. They also calculated the mechanical advantage of their levers, which is another concept they’ve been learning in class. Through the interactive activities, the students could lift heavy objects they wouldn’t be able to lift in real life.”

“They learned about the scientific method and, through Gizmo, they applied the skills they would normally use in class in a different way,” Zeoli said.

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