After using Reflex, student “actually enjoys math time!”

“The children feel more confident with their facts. This improvement with facts has helped all of them immensely with new concepts and skills we learn. I have a girl in my class who really struggled with her math facts. We used to do another program and she would get a red every time. Her parents would call me saying how upset she was and how difficult it was for her being timed. This girl really struggled and her math worksheets were taking her a long time because she didn’t have her basic facts down. It is amazing because this student loves Reflex. She plays it every day at home and does well with it at school. I have gotten numerous emails from her parents saying how much better Reflex is for her and her confidence. I was also amazed one day because we were doing a math worksheet and a problem that used to take this girl 5-10 minutes only took her 1 minute because she instantly knew the math fact! I can tell her overall confidence has improved and now she actually enjoys math time!”

–2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, District 46 Merrimack Valley, NH