Teachers see a “transfer of skills into day to day math work”

“Reflex is a strategic, fun, engaging way to drill and skill students in achieving fluidity with recall. It takes some of the pressure off the working memory and frees up ‘processing space’ for students to become more proficient and competent in their approach to operations. Students have increased fluency in math fact recall. Teachers and parents report transfer of skills into day to day math work. Students working in proximity during sessions are sparking each other to increased engagement. One particular student was extremely reluctant to be involved and had a very fixed mindset. His participation and attendance was very patchy and so progress was initially slow. In class sessions were offered to ensure his participation and slowly he became hooked. One of his comments recently which I shared with his parents and class teacher was ‘this is not maths, It’s too much fun to be maths!'”

–Intervention Specialist, Cannon Hill Anglican College, AUS