Student in Special Education using Reflex given award “for perseverance in math”

“I have seen my students gain confidence in the math facts. I monitor their progress in the general education classroom directly by providing services there and I see how improvement in fact fluency helps them with their general education work. My lowest student is really blowing me away with his use of Reflex. He struggles with remembering even addition and subtraction, but he’s really starting to hold onto the facts from one day to the next. I gave him an award during assembly and his parents came. The award was for perseverance in math and he was so proud he showed the award to every person he came into contact with for the entire day. Improving their fact fluency will continue to help close and/or shorten the gap between my students and their general education peers. It will give them the ability to complete work quicker and with less stress because they’re not getting hung up on the math facts.”

–Special Education Teacher, Elementary School, Deer Valley Unified School District 97, AZ