Gizmos are “a great tool to explore a mathematical topic”

gizmos explore mathematical topicOn his blog, “Explaining the ‘whys’ of mathematics,” a teacher of a capstone class for secondary math teachers shares a student’s submission about on how she plans to engage her students when she teaches “deriving the distance formula” in Algebra II.

The teacher in training writes, “Students find everything more interesting when they are able to use technology to learn. There is a website that allows students to explore math topics using what is called a Gizmo. A Gizmo can be used to solve for the distance between two points. The students are allowed to pick what their two points are and then use the distance formula to find the distance between the points they chose. When students have control over something, they tend to do what they are supposed to do without any complaints. The Gizmo allows students to explore on their own without the teacher having to tell them what to do step by step. I can even ask the students to plot three points that form a right triangle and have them find the distance of the points that form the hypotenuse. This can allow the students to make the connection between the distance formula and Pythagorean Theorem. There are many applications out there, but I remember using Gizmos when I was in high school and I loved it. It is a great tool to explore a mathematical topic.”

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