Their work in Reflex “is carrying through in all of their school work this year”

“Students are not the overwhelmed students they were when introducing math lessons/strategies these past three months. I have a struggling math student who has focus issues. He started with Reflex, and now demonstrates less frustration and more confidence in his growing ability. The program is very engaging for him also in that he can make varying choices on how to study daily. The students are no longer bogged down processing the multiplication facts making them more receptive to decimal and fraction skills. The fluency work the students are doing successfully with Reflex is carrying through in all of their school work this year and will in higher math. The ability to focus their thinking on the current lesson concept(s) and not losing the concept in their struggling with facts has already improved on their preparation for Junior High math.”

–5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Wood River-Hartford Elementary School District 15, IL