“Thank you to Reflex for providing such a positive program for all students”

“My students have had a lot of success with Reflex. With around 30 days of work on the program, about a quarter of my class has reached or are within days of reaching of reaching 100% fluency. That is the quickest I have ever had students learn their addition and subtraction facts. It is wonderful to be able to check on the class as a whole or to zero in on students that I want to focus on. There is so much data that is part of the program. Reflex has helped my students to be confident in how they add and subtract facts. Having this confidence has made it easier for students to learn new concepts like regrouping in double and triple digit addition and subtraction. Since students are able to quickly produce the answers to facts, they can put their brain power toward mastery of that new skill. I have a student who is special needs and he has shown a lot of improvement with Reflex. His progress has not been as quick as most of the students in the class but his steady gain in math fact knowledge has been very positive. Today he clicked on his pyramid to see how he was doing and his face filled with joy when he saw how many facts he had learned. He still has many facts to learn but the visual of the pyramid gave him such immediate and positive feedback he was able to celebrate his learning. Thank you to Reflex for providing such a positive program for all students. The confidence that students gain from using Reflex has and will continue to positively impact math learning for my students. Strong knowledge of basic facts is the building blocks of higher level math thinking. My students now have these building blocks.”

–Grade 3 Teacher, English Language School Board-STFRD, PE