Students are flexing their math muscles with Reflex

Ms. Sarah Wilson, a 2nd grade teacher in Smyrna School District in Delaware, first got her bulletin board idea, “Who is Flexing Their Math Muscles?” from another teacher’s blog. But when she created a bulletin board for her classroom, she definitely made the idea her own.

For the wall, she printed a math fluency fact triangle from Reflex for each of her students. “On Fridays, I go over my students’ successes from that week. I have students look at their fact detail triangle and we put stickers on their bulletin board triangle for the facts they mastered that week. The small circular stickers from the dollar store work great and are perfectly sized for my printouts! I also print out achievement certificates as students gain fluency, and for every 1,000 facts completed we put it up on the bulletin board. I also send home a copy home for families to see.”

The board has been very motivating for her students. “Students love to look at the wall to see how many ‘stickers’ they have earned and to see how many facts they’ve completed. They also love to congratulate one another as they see how close other students get to filling in their whole triangle! This visual representation also helps remind me to pull those students who are struggling and give them additional Reflex time.”

Ms. Wilson also decorated her board with Reflex game images to get the students excited to unlock new games. And she plans to create Reflex “brag tags” next year that students can earn when they pass important milestones.

She adds, “As students continue using Reflex, their math fluency skills are growing exponentially. As we work with higher math, I see students using their math fluency to help sort through the process of problem solving. For students who struggle on a daily basis, who are behind their peers in many ways, it’s wonderful to see success through Reflex and see students’ confidence build with each goal they meet.”