Reflex has made learning fractions so much easier

“Incredible progress! My students have all noticed a difference as well. And it was perfect timing. We started Reflex just before our fractions units in math and it made it so much easier to understand the concepts when they did not have to figure out multiples. One of my students told me how proud he was that he knew his 12’s. He did not even consider those ‘facts’ since he struggled with everything else. He said, ‘I did not even know that 12s were facts until I started Reflex.’ The more fluent they are the more they are able to focus on the concepts vs. the counting of multiples. My student work on Reflex every single school day. They each work at their own place and their own pace and even those who are 100% fluent still look forward to Reflex every day. It is incredible to me. I think it takes the stress of thinking of the math fact off the table. We will take MAP testing in May and I am excited to see the growth that the students show.”

–5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Bellevue Public School District 1, NE