“Reflex is by far the best fluency program I have worked with”

“Reflex is by far the best fluency program I have worked with. Students are loving the program and they love to see the growth they are making. As a grade level we also do a multiplication assessment to see how are students are growing and my class is showing tremendous improvements! Reflex is helping my students become more fluent in their facts and they are now being able to master higher concepts with less errors because of the lack of fact fluency. Students are understanding the relationship between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division. This has helped them with algebra and number sense in general. I have two students who could not add or subtract single digit numbers and are very behind. There hasn’t been much differentiated instruction to help them. They both are making growth through Reflex and it helps motivate them to keep going because they feel like they are achieving something. Their facts have improved as well and they feel like they fit into the class and are no different.”

–4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Mesa County Valley School District 51, CO