“Now that he knows his fact families, he is finally learning division”

“I have a reluctant student that began the program at 18% proficient and very negative about multiplication. I recently got an email from his mother about the improvement she sees in his fact knowledge. As a 5th grader, he has been defiant and has not learned long division. Reflex is working! He is now past 75% proficient. He is able to use his fact families quickly in the classroom and is feeling more confident when he knows a fact that others may not. Now that he knows his fact families, he is finally learning division. I gave students 30 fact challenges prior to starting Reflex. If kids got 100%, it was slow and methodical. However, most did not. Now students are successful. Students that know and understand their fact families are much more able to complete higher level math as they are less likely to spend time trying to figure out facts.”

–Special Education Teacher, Quabbin Regional School District, MA