“I have never used a program that even compares to Reflex”

“My students love Reflex. My students are improving on their math facts at a fast rate. I have never used a program that even compares to Reflex. I am noticing less counting on fingers to figure out math problems. My students are able to concentrate on learning the concept and not spend as much time figure out the math fact to a problem. Once my students become fluent with their math facts, they can concentrate on the processes of solving problems rather than all their time trying to figure out the math fact. We have gone from 13% fluent to 78% fluent as 4th grade group, which is a big deal for the group of kids that we have. I feel we have lowered kids frustration levels because they are improving in math just because they now know their math facts. Our AIMSweb scores in our students have all increased from their fall benchmark to their winter benchmark.”

–4th Grade Teacher,¬†Northeast Unified School District 246, KS