“March Math Madness” with Reflex

To encourage students to log into Reflex more often and become fluent with their math facts, Weirton Elementary in Hancock County School District in West Virginia created a “March Math Madness” competition.

The Assistant Principal, Mr. Derek VanDyke, reports that “students who earned anywhere between 70% and 100% fluency on their math facts received their name on the Principal’s Wall of Fame. Every week students had a chance to move their name up the wall of fame and reach 100% fluency. Students would come to school on Monday and they would be so proud to have their name on the wall.”

They also had a classroom competition in March. “At each grade level, classrooms had two chances to win by either achieving the highest percentage of fluent students or highest percentage of student growth. We developed a bar graph with each classroom and had their teachers heads transposed onto the body of a ninja. Students were excited to see their classroom’s performance versus other classrooms. There was a lot of pride in the classrooms, and students, as well as teachers, pushed each other to be better every week.”