Educator Spotlight: Paige Barber

When Ms. Paige Barber first used Reflex at another school, she was impressed by her students’ growth. “After seeing the results in math fact fluency that my students gained I was hooked!” She wrote a blog post about her great results and how she used Reflex in her classroom. Ms. Barber is now a 2nd grade teacher in Jefferson County School District in Kentucky, and continues to use Reflex with her students.

Reflex “is easy to use, engaging for students, and fun. Students love getting on Reflex. They enjoy earning their Green Light, watching their tree grow, changing their avatar’s clothes and accessories, filling in their fluency pyramids and more.”

“I am finishing my 4th year using Reflex and I have found that student’s abilities only increase as each year passes. So far this year, I have seen extreme gains in my students’ Reflex results.” Their math fact fluency “has helped greatly in our math instruction and made my time more valuable in working toward mastering math skills and standards.”

Ms. Barber finds the Reflex reports helpful. “I can track a student’s fluency growth over time, whether it’s for the entire year or just a month. If they are not showing growth, then I know I need to provide that student with extra time and resources. Additionally, I like the fact detail pyramid reports. I use them to know what facts to focus on with students during my small group time and have them practice as needed. These have been great tools for IEP meetings, referrals, parent conferences and more.”

To motivate her students, she has an individual leader board in her classroom. “Each Friday I give out the Reflex certificates to students. Students love Friday afternoons because that’s when they see if they get their name moved up on our board in the classroom. Outside our classroom, we have a sign with the total math facts answered for our class. We have answered 220,000 math facts this year!”

“I love Reflex and have found it to be such a great tool for my students, my school, and myself as an educator.” She adds, “I would recommend this program to any and all educators. I would say that students are coming to my second grade classroom more prepared and knowledgable of their math facts because of Reflex. I feel more confident in sending my students to third grade after using Reflex. Third grade is where foundations for multiplication and division begin. Exposing them to this prior to third grade with Reflex I feel sets them up for success.”

Paige Barber graduated from University of Louisville with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, and got her Masters as a Literacy Specialist from the University of the Cumberlands. She has taught for 4 years and have taught both first and second grades. Currently she teaches 2nd grade at Coral Ridge Elementary in Jefferson County School District in Kentucky.