Educator Spotlight: Kristy R. Albright

Before using Reflex, a lack of math fact fluency was the main problem keeping Ms. Kristy Albright’s students from being successful in math. “The other challenge that my students face in mathematics is self esteem. Poor self-esteem and low self-confidence have a huge negative impact on their mathematical performance.” She had used other fluency programs, but found that the kids got bored with them quickly and they were only available during school.

In her role as math resource teacher in an elementary school in Orange County Public Schools in Florida, she teaches “a below grade level fourth grade class of nine students for the first half of my day. The second half of my day, I pull small groups of 5-8 students in grades 3-5 that need math intervention.” Ms. Albright uses Reflex with her 4th grade class, plus her 4th and 5th grade intervention groups. In her class, she uses Reflex as both “part of their morning routine” and as a math station. “There are four choices of activities that build fact fluency that they can choose from, and Reflex is chosen most often.”

Ms. Albright explains, “Students truly enjoy Reflex. They love the challenge of having to earn the games being unlocked. The games are very fun for them, and they don’t get bored with them. They are also motivated by their desire to no longer struggle with math. I print out the certificate for each student once they are 100% fluent, then I post it on our wall of fame. They love the recognition!”

“Reflex is amazing! My fourth grade class has experienced tremendous growth in their math facts. Most of my students were 10%-30% fluent in their facts when they began the program, and now almost all are 100%. Reflex has truly made a difference with 4th grade students’ understanding of more difficult concepts (equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, long division, etc.).” The math teachers of her intervention students “are always telling me that they are grasping concepts easier because they have more and more of their facts committed to memory.”

She adds, “Reflex is the most beneficial fact fluency program I have ever used! My fourth grade class went from being one to two years below grade level, to being on grade level in fourth grade math. This is largely due to Reflex. Because once were fluent in their facts, the minds were freed up to focus on the harder content. It also gave them a huge confidence boost, and they began wanting to succeed more and more.”

Kristy Albright has been teaching for 15 years. She spent the majority of those years teaching third grade, but for the last two years has been the math resource teacher at Stone Lake Elementary in Orange County Public Schools in Florida. Math has always been her favorite subject to teach.