Students “blow it out of the water” on timed tests

“My kids have had great success with Reflex. Before using Reflex, my focus was always on mastery, not fluency. I realized pretty quickly that the kids I thought had mastered certain facts were still having to use strategies to figure them out at times. Reflex helped eliminate the ‘figure it out’ time. Our district has a certain CFA that we use to help determine math fact mastery. My students began to blow it out of the water in regards to the time limit allowed. I decided to cut the time in half and my students were still consistently beating the time. Currently, all but two of my students can complete 50 mixed-up (any multiplication or division fact) problems in under 2 minutes. I think math fact fluency is the basis for success in 3rd and 4th grades. So much of these grades is computation. My kids that are fluent with their multiplication and division facts can already see the relationships between extended facts such as 280 & 7, or 2100 & 30, or 81,000 & 900. Likewise, these kids can use fact knowledge in division to help then remove the greatest possible amount of 1000’s, 100’s, 10’s, and then ones. This helps minimize the number of steps they need to solve a division problem.”

–Math Coach, Elementary School, New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School District, IN