“I have never seen a class learn their facts so quickly in 12 years of teaching!”

“My students are all making incredible fluency gains. I am so impressed that they are still excited to use this program every day. I have never seen a class learn their facts so quickly in 12 years of teaching! I have a student that does participate in any lessons or activities. He would rather put his head down and give up. He is a struggling student and has already been retained twice. The only time I actually see him actively engaged and excited is when he is on Reflex! This program is amazing! They are not getting stuck on the basic fact solving functions, but able to thrive in math overall. They do not have to ‘stop and think to solve an easy step in a larger problem solving process. This has not always been the case. Often times, they were struggling just to solve part of the problem and did not complete the problem because their fact knowledge was slowing them down and they would eventually give up. My students would hit a frustration level before ever diving deeper into the problem. This is not the case anymore!”

–4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Sarasota County School District, FL